Google Chrome Not Playing Videos: Fix Chrome Not Playing Videos Issues

Google Chrome not playing videos can be very annoying. In this article you will get details on how you can tackle the issue of Google Chrome not playing videos.

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Easy Procedure to Fix Chrome not playing videos issue

Follow the directives below and get it fixed

Make sure your Chrome version is the latest

  • Open your Chrome browser
  • Click on the “ menu” icon represented with “three dots”
  • Pres“update Google Chrome” link and restart

Check if flash is enabled on the site

If the video uses flash, you will be directed to download and install flash player

  • Move to the video site, then scroll up and tap on either the “lock” tab or “info” icon
  • Select the arrows next to “flash”
  • Click “always allow” to enable flash on that particular site

Check if the video is available for Public view

There are videos that are restricted for public access, however you can search for the video name in your browser, to see the results it brings out.

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Turn on Java script when Google Chrome stops playing videos

  • Go to Chrome
  • Navigate and click on the three vertical dots
  • Tap on “settings” button
  • Move down and choose “Advanced” option
  • Go to “privacy and security” Select “site settings” widget
  • Click on “Java script” tab
  • Pres “allowed” button
  • Reload the video, to see If it’s successful

Disable hardware acceleration

  • Proceed to Chrome settings
  • Tap “Advanced” widget
  • Go to “system”
  • Disable “use hardware acceleration when available”
  • Navigate and play the video, to see if it’s successful

Check Extensions and plug ins

  • Open Chrome
  • Click on “the three dots”
  • Go to more tools and select “Extensions” tab
  • As your video is open in a different tab, Switch off the extensions one after the other
  • Go back and reload the video to see if it plays. when it actually plays , then Click on “details” link ,to see settings that can get involved with the video
  • If the problem persist, clear cache

If Google Chrome is not playing videos: Clear Cache

  • Select “more” icon at the right top of the screen
  • Pres “more tools” option
  • Tap “clear browser data”
  • Choose a time
  • If you want to clear all, select “the beginning of time”
  • Click “cached images and files and other info you want to delete
  • Tap “clear browsing data” link

Try to Reset Your Internet connection

  • Switch off your PC
  • Plug out your router or modem if it’s separable.  And wait for few seconds
  • Plug in your router or modem and wait until the whole light stops blinking
  • Power on your computer. And move to the video page and reload

Google Chrome not playing videos : Reset

  • Go to Chrome
  • Scroll up and tap “more” icon
  • Click “settings”widget
  • Go to “advanced”
  • Select “reset” tab and confirm reset
  • Go back and reload video

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